Earn $20 By Searching Anything On Google…

What If I tell you that you can Earn $20 daily by just Searching. This is very simple and anyone can do this from anywhere in the world.

You can do this by just repeating this step by step tutorial where I share with you a secret website that pays you real money for searching anything on the internet.

Before I start reading this article I request you if you are new here to read my article so please follow me so it motivates me to write more articles like this for you.

Here is my earning from this website As you can see this down below. This is my earnings for today’s .

This website’s name is Entireweb. If you haven’t heard about entireweb before you might be wondering what Entireweb is?

Basically Entireweb is a search engine platform like Google where you can search anything you want, just like Google.

But Entireweb needs traffic to their platform so they will pay people to search for anything on it.

But First You want to join their affiliate program where you get paid to drive traffic to Entireweb. Don’t worry you don’t need to sell anything just only for clicks you will get paid $0.20 per click.

If someone clicks your Entireweb affiliate link and visit entireweb and searches anything you will earn $0.20. You just earn $0.20 from one click that means to earn $20 per day you need 100 clicks to your link.

First of all signup for the entireweb and then the dashboard looks like this. You can see my total earnings below in the screenshot.

Now Copy your Affiliate link and time to promote your affiliate like so you earn $20 or more per day.

There are 100+ ways to get thousands upon thousands clicks on your link but In this article I will show you the best one that helped me as a beginner when I started the Entireweb affiliate program.

Use Herculist to get 1000 clicks daily to earn money. When I started promoting my link herculist helped me to reach thousands of people in just one click.

Herculist is a free email marketing website where you can send emails to 1000 people daily for free.

$0.20 X 1000 clicks = $200 daily

I use this email template to get more clicks on my entire web link.

Just copy this email and go to herculist and register yourself and then start sending email to 1k of people every single day.

On My first day I got 237 clicks from Herculist that made me over $45 in just a single day.

You make multiple accounts on Herculist to maximise your earning. I have more than 6 Herculist accounts that allow me to send 6000 emails daily for free.

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