The time to be consistent?

I’m so fed up of this “be consistent” drivel.

It’s thrown around in the startup world like a magic answer, usually in relation to marketing activity.

“Keep consistent and it’ll happen”.

Let’s break it down.

Being cocnsistent in this context generally equates to doing things more (by not missing days!).


Perhaps in a world where we know the critical mass or volume tipping point for each of our activities, indeed, in a world where that exists.

But that is not our reality.

In most cases there is no measurable point at which we know magic will happen.

In general, if something isn’t working, doing more of it means doing more of something that isn’t working.

Consider learning the piano. Playing the same wrong notes more won’t make you Mozart.

Digital marketing is no different.

If you’re not getting orders by posting and messaging, doing it more wil only scale your luck.

Law of averages isn’t a strategy, and it doesn’t scale in the real world.

The time to be consistent?

When you KNOW that you are consistently getting results from your activity at low level.

When you KNOW that by adding or doing another 10/100/1,000/10,000 of whatever you’re doing, you WILL increase output by the same factor.

Until then, if you’re not achieving what you need, try something else.

Learn to do it better (not more!).

Find numbers to measure results at low levels.

Then grow.

Know, don’t hope.

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