Are you a boiling frog?

Many founders and leaders are… but through no fault of their own.

(for more reference of what is a boiling frog, look in down in article)

It always starts simple – copy-paste a few numbers in an Excel spreadsheet and create basic reports 📈 to highlight performance.
To this day, Excel is still the rightful king of small-size data analytics by making it easy to start. And like a dedicated drug dealer 💊, it makes the next “hit” easy to obtain, until the day you realize you are managing a spreadsheet with 100 tabs and interlinked charts.

🐸 You realize that you are a boiled frog because by now, half of your day is wasted on your addiction to copy-pasting data and dragging formulas across.

⏳ “Just 1 extra hour today to update the charts! I do not have 2 days needed to move this monstrosity to a scalable automatic reporting platform!!!”

But the monster is growing bigger…
and it is not until something breaks or is something becomes unsustainable anymore do people realize that it is time to stop wasting time on copy-pasting data.

Bite the proverbial data bullet and get on something scalable before the boiling point is reached.

As soon as possible
“As soon as possible” is a trap if you focus on soon instead of possible.

Referral link explain boiling frog: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boiling_frog


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