33 lessons i learned from my Leader

1. amor fati – life is not happening to you, but for you!
2. Working on it works.
3. The more truthful to yourself, the scarier and more powerful you become.
4. Hyperrealism is the antidote to chaos.
5. You can’t be successful without being happy.
6. The highest value in life is experience.
7. Find out what is your deepest fear in life. That is what motivates you!
8. It’s simple, but not easy.
9. Find your dark side – understand it and use that energy to transform yourself.
10. Be loyal. Nothing pays out more.
11. One of our main responsibilities towards ourselves is to find our trauma and start healing.
12. Obstacle is the way. By running away, starting something new, you will not surpass the challenge. You will come again & again to the same lesson/challenge until you learn/surpass it.
13. You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to help himself.
14. It’s all about energy!
15. You are not reading enough!
16. You will fail. Accept it! But don’t give up. That’s the only way to success.
17. Stoicism will change your life.
18. Writing > Talking
19. Write down your idea and thoughts. They vanish extremely fast.
20. Start writing daily.
21. The more truth you speak, the wider your audience.
22. Verbal communication is the finest art of communication. Get better at that.
23. Understand Gall’s law. KISS – Keep it stupid simple.
4. Establishment > Improvement. You can’t improve something that doesn’t exist.
25. Sleep +7 hours. Read “Why We Sleep”
26. Meditation + Grounding + Writing – is a life changer.
27. Insider tip: Do a +3 Day Silent retreat with your partner! Crazy stuff 🙂
28. Nutrition is a chaos of information. Listen and trust your body. Carnivore diet is a secret weapon!
29. One thing I learned from fasting: Sugar is the most addictive substance ever.
30. A-Players are not unemployed and don’t apply for open positions.
31. Perfectionism = fear; OCD = Insecurity : Jealousy = lack of self-love; Independence = true self-love.
32. A person with a growth mindest = 1 in a 1’000’000; 2 Persons with a growth mindset = 1 in a 100’000’000; A group of people with a growth mindset – 1 in a 1’000’000’000 –> fight for what you have and what you want.
33. You’re not so important as you think you are. Do good!

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Bonus: I can’t keep this to myself: Flies are the drones of god.

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