Why are Apple products trusted, not just used

There can be many reasons why Apple products and products, in general, are trusted, but this is how I see it.

“Happiness is when what you think, say, and do are in perfect alignment.” -Chris Do

Why are Apple products trusted, not just used

A company offers the best user experience when what they think & believe internally, promise externally, and do to keep that promise are in perfect alignment.

iPhone had so many problems in the beginning, but it was a new promise Apple had given to the people that could revolutionize the entire phone industry. Apple internally was thinking the same way. They were working hard because they believed in that promise and kept this promise over the years. As a result, Apple doesn’t have “just customers”. Apple has true fans and its audience.

Why are Apple products trusted, not just used

Simon Sinek recounts a conversation in a taxi with a senior Apple engineer. He told him: “I spoke at a Microsoft Leadership Summit where they gave me their Zune. I used it, and believe me, it was so much better than your iPod Touch!”. The engineer turned carefully and said: “I have no doubt.”

The conversation was over. The response shows how focused Apple was. When what you think and believe internally, promise externally, and do to keep that promise are in perfect alignment, the company reflects trust. Apple products are trusted, not just used. For this reason, companies should design trustful experiences instead of just designing screens.

Sticking to beliefs until the end

Why are Apple products trusted, not just used

The way Apple has approached people shows a lot about its character, thus creating a long-term journey and a safe space for all who will take this journey. Every external action performed on an Apple device requires the user’s permission. These frequent requests reinforce the belief that their activity is protected. It also gives them control over their actions, showing that nothing is valid without approval. On the other hand, Apple has worked hard to make this activity as uncomplicated as possible while ensuring the process is pleasing.

Why are Apple products trusted, not just used

Its recent decision to allow users to choose whether or not their data is collected by Facebook and similar platforms strengthen people’s belief in privacy. Even if we call it stubbornness on Apple’s part or a way to make Facebook’s life more difficult, one thing is definite, it’s excellent marketing for its philosophy and shows that Apple cares.

People go for the safest choice

Why are Apple products trusted, not just used

In one of his videos, Chris Do says: “Clients want to make the safest choice, not the best one.” The same thing happens to all people. Apple has been positioned as the safest choice, but it may not be the best choice that people can make. There are many great products in the market, and Samsung is one of them, but what’s missing in these products is a safe ecosystem to be perceived as reliable in people’s eyes, even though reality might be different.

Apple has often taken the wrong steps, but what Apple never does wrong is its relationship with people, relationship that allows Apple to make mistakes and apologize without losing trust. This relationship increases Apple’s confidence and paves the path for innovation without compromising the safety & privacy of its users.

Fear of Missing Out

Why are Apple products trusted, not just used

The experience designed by Apple has connected people with the products so much that it has turned them into true fans. Each new iPhone, even though it may not be very innovative or worthy, makes people buy it.

But why?

Because “it is the best iPhone Apple has ever created”. They play with feelings and emotions by creating an experience that encourages staying in long lines to buy the upcoming iPhone and not miss the next big thing. Competing with itself has made Apple go deep into business and be many steps ahead of the competition. People buy an Apple device for one of the reasons mentioned above, and in most cases, they stay because of the entire supporting ecosystem and the experience these products offer.

The Leader Effect

Why are Apple products trusted, not just used

Steve Jobs has had an extraordinary contribution to building trust in Apple products by revealing a clear vision and sticking to it until the end. Unlike the entire industry, he focused on increasing functionality and improving the user experience. It made more people fall in love with Apple products. The presence of a visionary leader within an organization brings people closer to the products and makes them feel safe, knowing the face behind them.

If we take yearly events as an example and compare them with Samsung, we would see a big difference in how products are revealed. Apple has maintained its consistency from Steve Jobs to Tim Cook, while Samsung has only got it in recent years. Another interesting fact is that Samsung gives the stage to foreign presenters, something that doesn’t exist at Apple events.

Comparing the numbers Apple leads the way with 28M viewers on youtube while Samsung with 14M at the last event. This is not the measure of the difference between the 2 companies, but it means a lot since they operate in the same market.

There are many reasons why people believe in certain products and it’s often a personal choice. Everyone believes in different things. Apple is an example of how a company can create reliable, safe, and memorable experiences by focusing on people. I believe, successful products come as a result of designing great experiences, but above all trustworthy ones.

Thank you for reading! If you found this article helpful I would appreciate your thoughts in the comments below. Peace!✌️

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