10 of the best websites you’re not using (but should be)

1. marketingexamples.com

My favorite website on the internet.

• Viral ad ideas
• Copywriting examples
• Crash courses to get press
• How to write landing pages

2. mymind.com

Curate your favorite online things for inspiration.

Save images, articles, and websites for later.

It’s like bookmarks on steroids.

Save any webpage, and AI takes care of the rest.

3. https://lnkd.in/e2TPfp7a

Curated tactics, best practices, and thought leadership for entrepreneurs.

Learn from the best operators in the world.

• Hiring
• Retention
• Marketing

4. stockcircle.com

See where the best investors in the world put their money.

• Ray Dalio
• Cathie Wood
• Warren Buffett
• Charlie Munger

5. hypefury.com

Your assistant to grow and make money from your Twitter audience.

• Create new content easily
• Grow your audience
• Scale your email list
• Make more cash

6. nexttbrand.com

Easily spot trending brands that are taking off 🚀

Be the first to know about the next big thing.

Discover the fastest-growing brands.

Thank me later.

7. https://lnkd.in/eayXUWCX

This is a list of the top 271 Ycombinator companies.

Next time you need inspiration for copywriting or landing page designs, look at what the best are doing.

Great artists steal.

8. streaksapp.com

I can’t live without this one.

Apple Design Award Winner.

It’s the to-do list that helps you form great habits.

I created a daily writing habit – currently at 552 days straight.

9. nomadlist.com

Discover the best places for remote work and travel around the world.

Based on the recommendations here, I went to Medellin, Bali, and Chiang Mai.

10. microsaasidea.substack.com

This is a hidden gem.

Discover monthly recurring revenue side hustles.

Get the newsletter each week to get curated business ideas and generate more $$$

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