What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received?

Here are the 7 best answers:

“You’ll learn mire from chatting with some step ahead of you than you will from the CEO.” – Jeff Su

“Spend the first 10 years of your career using companies as a tools for collecting and building as much experience and skills as possible.
Than, reflect on that experience to figure out what the heck you actually what to do with the rest of your career!” – Doug Howard

“Everybody is winging it – even seasoned executives take on responsibilities and tasks they have 0 experience in.
True leaders know how to leverage internal networks and create teams to accomplish any task that is thrown at them.” – Jeremy Belliston

“Don’t apply for a specific job. Find a company you want to work for and get in anyway you can.” – Max Landesman

“You don’t have to take 100% if the feedback you’re given.
As an ambitious female, I’ve been told countless times to lower my expectations…
It’s hard to reject feedback when it comes from people further in their career… but sometimes it’s the right move.” – Rachel Lundeen

“Set your own boundaries for work/life balance.
No one else will do that for you.” – Jess Almlie

“Learn to write. Success in so many jobs depends on it.” – Sarah Wilkins

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