Top-15 Big Data companies

It is hard not to feel overwhelmed and confused with vast amounts of information passing through us as individuals today. Let alone the volume of data business companies have to deal with. Customer data, behavior trends, product preferences, location, availability, specifications, and so on and so on. Hence, big data solutions have emerged to help analyze and categorize information, as well as to predict market trends. Big data companies vary in fields (and level) of expertise, so why not take a look at top providers as a start?

Big data, in a certain way, stands apart from other technologies. It is still evolving, there’s no established leading vendor. Although almost every tech company in every market tier – from IBM and Microsoft to small software agencies got into big data early.

What is Big Data?

According to Wikipedia, big data is complex sets of information too big for conventional software to handle. It is challenging in terms of capturing data, storage, analysis, search, transfer, visualization, updating. Big data concept refers to processes of a different processing approach, namely massive parallelism on hardware.

Most of today’s tech data comes unstructured and unprocessed. In such raw form it has little or no value, it has to be processed and analyzed to become valuable. Thus, the big data term refers to predictive analytics tools, user behavior analytics, and other methods to extract value.  

Best Big Data Software Companies

1. IBM

IBM no needs in an extra advertisement. In few recent years it has launched numerous products and services to store, manage and analyze data. SPSS Statistics software contains a wide range of features for advanced analytics. Data Science Experience is a multi-cloud hybrid environment to explore, prepare, model, predict, deploy, run and monitor data.

Most popularly, Hadoop System, is a cloud platform to store a huge volume of both structured and unstructured data. In addition, there’s Db2 event store, a high-speed in-memory event store, adaptive to IoT solutions, payments, logistics and web commerce.


2. Oracle

In no way yielding to IBM, Oracle has a lot to offer in terms of big data too. Company works on simplifying all processes with data, their cloud platform is able to unify various data operations.

Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud platform does not only combine over 2,000 SaaS applications, but also provides analytics models, dashboards, and machine-learning capabilities. All Oracle products and services are focused on three key aspects:

  • big data integration (Data Integration Platform Cloud, Stream Analytics, Event Hub Cloud Service),
  • big data management (Big Data Cloud, Cloud at Customer, Big Data Cloud Service, Big Data SQL, NoSQL Database),
  • big data analytics (Analytics Cloud, Big Data Spatial and Graph, R Advanced Analytics for Hadoop). 


3. Amazon

Continuing our list of big data companies, let’s see what Amazon Web Service can offer. AWS is widely known for its cloud computing products, but what is more important, it could be your answer to dealing with data. Amazon has released over 50 services, able to cope with development and deploying big data analytics applications.

Amazon frameworks, Hadoop & Spark, Elasticsearch, Interactive Query Service, remain central products, while Kinesis Firehose/Streams/Analytics are in use to stream data. Amazon also provides six equally secure big data storage and databases – Object Storage, NoSQL, Graph Databases, HBase on Amazon EMR, Amazon Aurora and Relational Databases.


4. Microsoft

Microsoft successfully launched three big data products – HDInsight (full-managed analytics service for enterprises), HDP for Windows (a flexible and portable data platform) and Microsoft Analytics Platform System (a specialized local storage platform, that integrates with Azure storage). For instance, check out what Azure offers in terms of big data apps development.


5. Google

On par with others, Google puts a lot effort into big data services. One product example is BigQuery, a “serverless data warehouse” for real-time analytics, advanced security standards and speed.

Another step in direction of coping with volumes of data is Cloud Dataflow. This is a service which helps to transform data in real-time, as well as integrate with GCP services. Very often Dataflow features are compared to another data product, Dataproc for data clusters creation. 


Best Big Data Analytics Companies

1. Denologix

Being named as one of the best big data companies in recent years, Denologix also has an astonish portfolio: Adidas, Empire Foods, City Bank, Munich RE, NHS, Scotiabank. The agency offers a wide range of solutions, including data management/integration, business intelligence (BI).

Most efforts center around marketing analytics, operations and process improvement, compliance, fraud and risk management, crime prevention. Denologix has developed solutions such as dxANALYTICS for finances, dxINDEX for data accuracy index, dxCRYSTAL for data cleansing, etc.


2. Fayrix

More than 50 data scientists, data analysts and developers from Fayrix are engaged in big data products for increasing sales, risk management, business process optimization. Based on this company’s 2017 achievements, it was listed as one of the top big data companies by Clutch and Kaggle.

Fayrix combines AI and machine learning to advance processing big volumes of data. They offer services like high-performance computing, simulation modelling, data governance strategy, big data infrastructure, etc. Besides data services, Fayrix also successfully works in software and mobile development.


3. ThirdEye Data

From the heart of Silicon Valley, ThirdEye Data became a world-known big data provider. Company has been heavily focusing on solving 3 data problems – volume, velocity and variety. And now it is able to offer big data sets, real-time, and predictive analytics, cloud computing, etc.

Working with such open source tools as Kafka, MongoDB, Redis, TEZ, Apache Drill, Spark SQL, and platforms like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, ThirdEye Data is specializing in data management, data cleansing, data conversion and so forth.


4. Pragmatic Works

Pragmatic Works is not just a Microsoft’s premier cloud and data partner, but also a provider of products like Workbench, Task Factory, DOC, xPress, BI xPress, DBA xPress. Workbench, for instance, is worth mentioning – it comes with capabilities to audit/monitor data, validate cross-platform data, unit test databases.


5. cBEYONData

Specialised in Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, and Business Automation solutions, cBEYONData became a first-aid in enhancement and automation of business processes, cloud migrations and enablement, agile project and process management, dashboards, and geo-mapping.

Lately, the company has launched CFO Control Tower, a scalable toolkit for financial systems, featured with such components as budget management, procurement, financial reporting, audit, payroll, and others to be able analysis and predict inside and outside data torrents, automate processes.


Big Data Companies in Marketing/BI

1. CBIG Consulting

Solutions for healthcare, finance, retail, education, telecom, manufacturing, transportation and logistics. Oriented on increasing market speed, profit and revenue, lowering costs, this big data company has in its arsenal a variety products and services. Namely data monetization roadmaps, architecture, lean analytics, dashboards, competitive intelligence, proof of value, predictive analytics.

CBIG also has released few frameworks – CBIG Framework for integrating data from blogs, Facebook, emails or Internet search. Or Frogpoint, a tool for centralized documentation and tracking issues/bugs through a web browser.


2. Beyond the Arc

A US company producing advanced big data tools to predict and analyse customer behavior patterns. Escpecially in regards to social media, social content, customer experience and acquisition, brand loyalty. Company has been working with more than 250 clients from multiple industries, e.g. Fremont Bank, Imation, The New York Times, Wells Fargo.


3. Anthem Marketing Solutions

Started in 1997 as a CRM and database marketing consulting company, in 2004 it had switched to big data services. Placed in Windy City, this agency provides tools for reaching and analyzing “hidden data”, transaction insights, categorizing customers, performance evaluation. 


4. LatentView Analytics

One of the key factors in prediction revenues and product trends, according to LatentView Analytics, is “a 360-degree view of the digital consumer”. Therefore, company provides services to gather huge amounts of data from different sources, process it, and produce an action plan for further actions.

Based on three essential elements – Business, Data and Math, the team created over 20 automated analytics solutions. One of them, for example, Amplifyr is aimed at discovering insights, or take Panel Miner – for general analysis of customer experience from digital resources.


5. Statistics Solutions

Last but not least, with a long history behind, Statistics Solutions is still among the top big data companies. They created a universal statistical analysis and reporting tool – SPSS, to help users utilize data. Providing marketing analytics for Fortune 500 firms, Statistics Solutions is also a service for scientists and students to supply their dissertations with data statistics and analysis. Check the demo below.

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