If you use Google Search to find things online, you’re wasting your time.

The most underrated way to find anything worthwhile online:

Use Reddit – not Google.


Let’s say you want to buy some new headphones.

You’re looking to identify the best-in-class products, so you head to Google Search.

The Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is likely a mix of:
• Pay-per-click ads
• ‘Top 10 wireless headphones’ blogs
• ‘People Also Ask’ accordions
• Headphones ecommerce stores

In other words, you aren’t being shown best-in-class products.

You are simply being shown:
• Merchants paying to be on top of your SERP
• Affiliate marketing blogs taking commission for recommending products
• Content farms using Q&A to optimise their SERP placement
• Stores with the best Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ranking

Important to note:

You MAY discover best-in-class products on Google.

But you won’t discover them on Google BECAUSE they are the best.

You will only discover them because they had the best Adwords / SEO / affiliate strategy to rank on the keywords you searched.

Now let’s look at Reddit.

Reddit is where people who are obsessed about specific niches go to discuss that niche.

If you head to r/headphones, r/headphoneadvice, or r/audiophile, you’re experience will look something like:
• Long reviews from people who compulsively buy and test every top-tier model
• A crowd-sourced ‘ultimate buying guide’ based on years of contributions
• Monthly megathreads where headphone enthusiasts debate the pros and cons of new releases
• ‘10 things I wish I knew before I bought…’ / ‘Make sure you do this before you buy…’ / ‘My favourite pair after 10 years of…’
• Bar charts ranking all major headphones by the number of times they are mentioned in that subreddit

Better yet, the most valuable content (in the eyes of a collective of headphone fanatics) is surfaced to the top thanks to the upvote mechanism.

Once it clicks that you can outsource your research / discovery / analysis to Reddit for just about anything, it’ll feel like a superpower.

Hope this helps!


Simply search for what you want i.e

Best Headphones and append inurl:reddit.com


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