Microsoft is laying off 10,000 employees

Layoffs are happening so frequently since May 2022. and they are continuing in 2023. too. On average 1,600 tech workers have been laid off every day of 2023 so far. 91 tech companies globally have already laid off 24,151 workers just 15 days into 2023, according to data aggregated by They have an impact on the entire tech industry, globally.

We already saw big layoffs from Meta (11,000 people), Amazon (10,000), and now Microsoft (11,000). There are multiple reasons why is this happening, from economic factors such as shrinking markets and higher interest rates to internal factors.

On the other hand, we have more and more people in the industry going exponentially. How is this going to affect people in the industry, job safety, tenure, salaries, and especially an entrance for junior developers? Even more, how is this going to affect the stability of the systems they worked on?

I will write more about how to stay on track and be employable always.

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