The secret to ranking in Google?

It’s hiding in plain sight.

1. Google your target keyword
2. Analyse the results on page 1
3. Reverse engineer what’s working

Google is rewarding these websites out of 1,000s of pages.

Understand why.

– What’s the average word count?
– What subtopics are they covering?
– What NLP terms are they including?
– How many headings are they using?
– What schema, if any, are they using?
– How many internal links do they have?
– Is there a featured snippet you can win?
– If so, how did they win the current snippet?
– How many high-quality backlinks do they have?
– How many times are they using target keywords?
– Where on the page are they using target keywords?

You can do this manually for free.

Or use tools to speed up the process.

– Frase
– Surfer
– Ahrefs

Then test your findings on the page you’re trying to rank.

Ranking in Google is difficult.

But understanding HOW to rank isn’t (most of the time).

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