10-minute SEO Blast That You Can Do, Now.

 10-minute SEO Blast That You Can Do, Now.

and all you need is Wi-Fi!


Spy on your competitors with builtwith.com and find out:

– What their CMS is
– How they track data
– Locations they’re targeting
– Which apps and plugins they’re using
– Marketing channels they’re focusing on
and so much more

Use this information to:

– Inspire action for your own site
– Make your site as useful as competitor sites
– Understand the competition and what you’re up against
– Build a case to convince execs on *why* you want to try a tactic



Sometimes SEO can be so overwhelming!

There are so many different tasks and tactics begging for our attention.

The purpose of the SEO blast is to give you something actionable, that you can do (or brief someone to do), today.

It feels good to be productive, doesn’t it?

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