Tackling the challenge of focus

The world that we live in is incredibly hectic. Time management is no longer enough to help us be productive. We must also improve our focus management. In fact, focus may be a deeper issue because so many of us are not aware that we’re having a problem with it. 

How many times have you started your work day with the intent of being focused, and at the end, you felt like you were just busy and didn’t really accomplish anything? Or you’re talking to someone that you care about, an important relationship, and you noticed that your attention just drifts during the conversation. Or perhaps you were checking email and you clicked on a link that took you to a social site, and 30 minutes later, you still have an unfinished email on your screen. My definition of focus is the strategic allocation of your resources toward that which is of most value. 

What does that mean? It means that you use your time and attention on what matters most. Focus management is a critical survival skill in our day. In fact, I’d like to elevate it in your mind to the level of time management. 

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