Youtube is a free School

I spend more than 2690 minutes watching Youtube every week. (Yes, I did the maths) 🥹
Then I feel bad about wasting so much time. 🥲

8 YouTubers that will teach you so much about life and entrepreneurship 👇

(This won’t help you save time, but at least, you won’t feel bad 🤣)

1. Think School
Engaging and in-depth business and geopolitical case studies.

2. MagnatesMedia
Some of the best animated and documentary form videos explaining what led to the growth of huge business.

3. Aevy
They simplify business and news topics for anyone to understand.

4. Y Combinator
Startup advice for everyone, from those who’ve already made it big.

5. Backstage With Millionaires
Everything about Indian Startups, from Startup news to podcasts with founders and entrepreneurs.

6. Johnny Harris
He makes videos about international affairs, history, and geography with creative visual graphics and storytelling.

7. Ishan Sharma
Talks about career, freelancing opportunities and business advice for people starting their careers.

8. Logically Answered
Makes videos talking about the growth and future of various companies and industries, presented beautifully.

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PS: I don’t usually watch Tanmay Bhat in my college library. Or do I? 🤣

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