How to know the future

When you look at your friends you are looking at yourself in a mirror.

Rich dad would say, 

“Tell me who your friends are… and I’ll tell you where you’re going. Who are the six people you spend the most time with?”

He would then tell me to make a list and next to each name write what quadrant (of Rich Dad’s CASHFLOW Quadrant) they were in,

  • E = Employee,
  • S = Self-Employed or Specialist,
  • B = Business Owner,
  • I = Investor

Afterward he would ask me, 

“If they’re E’s… do they want to become B’s and I’s? Do they, want to have their money work for them?”

Finally, he would remind me to be very careful who I let put ideas and thoughts into my head. Friends and family have the most influence so I needed to be especially careful.

Ever noticed how some people always find the perfect deal while the rest of us are left searching?

There is a reason. It’s never about the deal. Wealth building is about the investor or business person. Period.

A great deal gets ruined by a bad investor. A bad deal is suddenly turned into a money machine with the right investor.

So what is the shortcut???

How do you become a great investor quickly?

There are two components:

1.   Education

2.   Experience

These cannot be separated. If you get educated by someone with no experience, then you’ve been a victim of a fake teacher. Real teachers have actually done and continue to do the REAL thing.

That is the shortcut. Get a real teacher. Then use their knowledge and experience until it is your own knowledge and personal experience.

Simple? Not usually.

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