Why traditional marketing doesn’t work

In traditional marketing, we ask the consumer, what do you want? 
And based on their answers, we build a product and later a strategy to sell that product. But it is fundamentally a flawed system that often does not work. 

Why? Because getting to what people really want by asking them only gives marketers access to people’s conscious needs, and these rarely, if ever, match their subconscious desires. It is the subconscious which more predictively drives our decision, and what we will see is that the subconscious brain is associated with the primal brain. About 20 years ago my company, SalesBrain, helped launch a new branch of marketing called neuromarketing.

 Well, we no longer rely on self-reported consumer feedback. Instead, we use neuroscience measurements to scientifically probe what people really want. We measure various physiological responses directly from the body with the understanding that these responses give us a more accurate view on the subconscious processes that drive our ultimate choices. So, in neuromarketing, we use EEG to measure brainwaves, we measure pupil dilation, or changes in skin resistance. 

We also measure the emotion displayed by the consumer based on how they contract the 43 muscles on their face and how their voice shifts in frequency. All this research has demonstrated that the primal brain is really the key to selling more, to persuading better.

This article is write by : Patrick Renvoise

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