I’ve collected 9 frameworks I use everyday that have helped me sell companies, hire top talent, love life and build communities of millions of people

I can’t live without them and maybe you can’t either: 

1. How to boost your productivity:

– Keep a productivity journal
– Time box your day (time for areas of focus)
– Set a timer (Google the “Pomodoro technique”)
– Exercise everyday
– Take small breaks (Google “Fika”)
– “Great acts are made of small deeds”
– Find work you love to do 

2. How to write copy that isn’t boring (and that sells):

– Don’t write copy, write stories
– Can be long or short, but must take you for a ride
– Focus entire story on the problem the customer has
– Share credibility
– Use inviting, warm words
– Create a clear call-to-action 

3. How to avoid burnout:

– Avoid influencers who glamorize the grind
– Avoid screens when you can
– ~7h sleep
– Limit alcohol and caffeine
– Create boundaries from work. Unplug
– Take regular vacations
– Take regular “me time”
– Go for regular walks
– Eat well 

4. How to get your first 1000 community members:

– Decide on a community worth creating
– Establish a common goal of that community (learning X, doing Y)
– Build an audience first
– Convert audience into community (IG account into private Discord)
– Use community ambassadors 

5. How to get your first 1000 customers:

– Do community “drops”, small microsites that spread the word
– Build an audience of 10000 people
– FOMO is your friend (exclusivity sells)
– Partner with communities to promote
– Go to your customers offline. Offline matters more than ever 

6. How to sell a company:

– Spend some of your energy building allies at incumbents
– Get them excited about what you’re doing
– Make them feel invested and jealous
– Get them to ask if you’d be open to selling
– Profit $$

I’ve seen this strategy work for $10k-10B size deals 

7. How to stay curious:

– Cold DM 1 interesting person per week and set up chat for Zoom/coffee. Learn about them
– Spend 20 minutes/month adding interesting Twitter follows and YouTube subs
– Stop yourself from being on auto-pilot when you feel like you are

8. How to be memorable in meetings:

Show up to meetings with small gifts (The ROI is massive)

I learned this when I got close with several Japanese people. They rarely come empty handed.

Gifts are super memorable when they are surprises, not when people expect them

9. How to stay in touch:

– Make a list of 10 people who you often forget to keep in touch with but care about
– Add them as fav contacts
– Call them when you’re walking to places. Try not to drive places that are less than 15 mins walking distance
– Use that time to call ’em❤️ 

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