If you’re worried about money, read this for quick relief

Who is human who hasn’t worried about money?

I have lost sleep and damaged my health over my concerns for money and my need for more.

I know what it feels like to be $40 from red with no money coming in for weeks.

I’ve gained and lost millions in the last few years. I’ve seen how fragile money can make me feel.

If you’re struggling with this — and I know many of you are — these ideas helped me the most:

First of all, we need to address what’s most important right now: how your worrying about money affects you emotionally.

This is important because we need you to be your most creative, at ease and resourceful self.

Am I right?

This is impossible if you’re wound up tighter than a tin toy truck. So this is the link we need to see: worrying about money decreases your performance. Got it?

Let’s move on…

Let’s also acknowledge that you’re a human with doubts and worries and concerns.

You have a right to be. But know that we don’t always do what’s best for us. Overthinking isn’t helping you, my friend. So your priority right now isn’t to make money. You need to take a walk. Exercise. Speak to a friend. Calm your mind.

Get into a mode of ‘non-forcing.’ You have time. You really do. This is where insights and solutions appear. They will come.

Next, we need to see how things are never as ‘bad’ as they seem. We are creating a frightening environment through the power of ugly thoughts.

Look around you now and see if you can let go of all judgement. Just observe. Let your shoulders drop. This is truth. Nothing can faze you in the present moment.

There are no ‘money-problems’ right here, right now.

This is your sanctuary. You lose valuable time with every minute you spend in shame or sorrow about your perceived ‘lack.’

You have pure power when you work with one thing at a time in the present moment.

As you let go of the illusion of the past and open up to a beautifully uncertain future, you feel your inner wisdom rise.

This is the strongest part of you — the part that knows exactly what to do next. Reconnect to this intelligence. Embody this part of you.

This was a huge realisation for me: we are less likely to go out and create money for ourselves when we tie its attainment to our self-worth. Money is a tool.

Nothing more.

You can see it as a reflection of the difference you are making in the world.

But it has nothing to do with you. If you are denied it by someone or lose it, nothing decreases in you. Understanding this allows you to be bold with going out there and asking for it, pressure-free. You have nothing personal to lose.

Reflect on this for a moment.

Now we can start getting more practical. This is where your creative genius comes to the fore.

Get out a notepad and pen, loosen your mind, and start brainstorming all the ways you can think to generate money. Don’t self-censor. Just scribble. Let it flow out of you. What ethical services could you provide? Who has your money?

Who would you love to serve this week? With whom can you make an exchange today? What are some creative ways to use what you currently have to make money?

What can you sell today? Who do you need to speak with today? Have fun here.

Judge less. Include the zaniest shit you can think of.

Now, what strikes you as something that has the most leverage in this list — the most potential?

What will produce the most juice for the squeeze? What can you take action on first?

What’s the ONE item that — when acted on — could change everything for you quickly?

Now we’re on the rocket fuel, baby. It’s go time.

Next, we need you to find that strength and commit to taking action on this.

If you need money fast, we need you to live as though you are a hero in your own movie. It’s happening. Act with urgency and a delicious ferocity if you need to. Know that you can create anything you want.

Feel it rippling through you. Let that understanding inspire the shit out of you.

But don’t forget, you need only take one tiny step at a time, with your head out of worry and your attention hinged to the physics of action.

That’s it. One small thing at a time.

See what you can do.

See how easy it really is.

Surprise yourself with who you are.

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