Here are 10 lessons I learned in 3 years

1. Find your blue ocean🌊
Most people waste time in over competitive markets with razor thin margins. Learn to spot a space with less competition and great demand. Where you offer something that no one else does.

2. You won’t win life by renting out your time⏰
Use content and code to your advantage to scale limitlessly.
Use your limited time on higher leverage activities.

3. Before you ask, build value in yourself💎
Everyone wants a meeting with Bill Gates, Elon Musk, etc.
But are you worthy of that ask?
Think about what you have to offer first before you ask.

It’s always a give and take.

4. Invest in YOU inc. ♻️
Too many 18 year olds into trading, too few focus on investing in new experiences, travelling, books, in person events, courses, etc.

Grow your ACTIVE income first!

5. Very few things in life matter🤌
As you age, you’ll learn to differentiate the noise from the concrete, the real metrics from the fake. Your mindset around valuations, social media, status signalling and more will change completely. You learn to value the “boring” things in life.

6. Change your circle, if the circle fails to change you🎯
Your ambitions will be the average of the people you hangout with. When your circle doesn’t inspire you to go to the next level, don’t feel bad for changing it.

Or you’ll be stuck forever with the regret of not trying.

7. Build systems, structures and processes🛠️
I wish I did this earlier. Set frameworks and systems that will work for you and get you your freedom. So that you can focus on doing what YOU do best, and outsource the rest.

8. Be obsessed with results💯
This is often overlooked. The reason MarkitUp cracked clients from day 1 was because my channel acted as a proof to build trust. VCs, clients, people: everything will come to you if you have results.

9. A healthy life will take you farther than a loaded bank account💪
I learned this recently. A calm and clear mind and a healthy body is the most underrated thing in business. Hitting the gym and eating healthy has helped me focus and be disciplined at my work.

10. Find people who you can go to war with🤝
Having a strong team who you can trust is a HUGE advantage. Having a team who is self accountable and relentless at their role is a big win and will save you loads of time to focus on growing.

What lessons have you learned in your journey?👀

Let me know!

I worked as a freelancer, teacher, creator, marketer, developer, and an author in the last 3 years.

Now, I will work as a builder.🦄
It’ll change the way you learn anything online.💯

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