Does marketing hold the key to finally addressing sales territory equity?

Sales organizations have sought to create equal opportunities amongst their reps since the beginning of sales. Classic means of separating territories based on geography or industry are imprecise and create lumpiness in opportunities across your sales organization.

When some reps have too much opportunity and others not enough, you’re account coverage and pipeline suffers.

However, with access to deeper account insights, exographics, intent signals and more, it’s now possible to distribute far more equal account opportunities across your sales team.

You can transparently share criteria and evaluate rep performance on a more equal playing field.

And, as the data changes and new accounts qualify for engagement, you can either assign those to your team equally and/or know precisely when a new territory (i.e. new sales rep) is warranted.

And the more sales history you create, your historical data can hone that territory equity model even further.

Huge opportunity to leverage target addressable market (TAM) and ideal customer profile (ICP) definitions from marketing, and operationalize them via advanced sales enablement and revenue operations programs.

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