And this is so threatening 😱. Here’s why?

Google Maps changed their URL from maps(dot)google(dot)com to –> Google(dot)com/maps

And this is so threatening 😱. Here’s why?

Well, the previous “maps . google .com” website was made as a sub-domain site under google. Which inshort meant, ‘Maps’ was maintained as a seperate product/website.

But the latest “google . com /maps” comes under same directory of google domain. In short, it’s not a separate website, but just like a new ‘page’ of google itself.

That eventually means,
now, whenever you “allow” location to google maps. You’re directly giving your location access to the main site – “Google .com”.

And by this, you may notice your location service automatically turned ON for other google products as well… And your Location could be tracked/used for every product of Google.

You care about Privacy…?

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