20 Cheat Codes I Wish I Knew at 20

10 lessons for 20-year-old Silvio:

1. Prioritize Nature

A study of 20,000 people in the UK found that 120 minutes/week in nature improved health and well-being.

It’s the planet’s greatest healer.

If you can’t take a spontaneous trip to nature whenever you want, are you truly living?

2. Never Stop Building Your Network

Over the years, I’ve created a personal Board of Advisors.

Some of my closest friends are killers across sales, writing, YouTube, community building, and strategy.

I know world-class advice is just a phone call away.

3. Never Compromise Your Ethics

In tough decisions where blurring the lines is an option, choose moral.

NEVER compromise your ethics.

It’ll affect you in subconscious ways you never imagined.

4. Be Boring

A lot of success comes from just saying no to cheap dopamine.

And instead, focusing on the mundane:

• Maximizing sleep
• Guarding time for workouts
• Not eating out in favor of your nutritious diet

Boring’s not a bad word when you’re on the up.

5. Work Like a Lion

Society has conditioned us to work like we’re cows grazing.

Long hours. Low focus. Minimal output.

Instead, work less – but work like a hunting lion.


6. Embrace Loneliness

Two times a month, I do something normally “social” alone.

I’ll eat dinner, go to the park, or watch a movie alone.

It’s a major pillar in my long-term, resilient happiness.

7. Be Humble

However hard it is on your ego, you need to swallow your pride every damn day.

It’s how you’ll take criticism better, know when to ask for help, and know when to cut your losses.

Grasping onto an image of who you are only limiting what you might become.

8. Never Skip 2 Days

With whatever habit you’re forming, only skip a maximum of one day.

Once you skip two in a row, you’ve lost momentum.

I’ve found this rule much more practical than ‘never miss a day’.

9. Find Your Peak Energy State

Keep trying new work environments.

Experiment with working at different times.

Until you find when you’re most energetic, at ease, and productive.

That’s your competitive advantage.

10. Have a Bias for Action

Get addicted to momentum.

I use the 5-second rule: if I know I need to do something, I hop on it within 5 seconds before my analytical brain has a chance to second guess.

High Agency is entrepreneurship’s priceless currency.

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