Content marketing is a lot harder these days.

Last year, 65% of Google searches ended without a click.

And social media platforms will ding you for linking out. The harsh truth? Marketers need to get a lot savvier about their content.

Here’s how:

Tie content to business goals.


Grow blog traffic → Good, but may take long to convert

Get Likes and RTs → Better, but doesn’t specify who is amplifying

Earn social media engagement from people in our ICP → Best! Resonance + amplification from likely buyers.

Match your content to where the consumer is on their influence map.

1: Problem discovery

2: Brand awareness

3: Further education

4: Solution seeking

More on influence maps:

Create content for the type of amplification you need.

Ask yourself:

Why would an influencer RT this? (It’s something they wish they said.)

Why would a reporter cover this? (News about business growth)

Why would my ideal customer share this? (A quiz with brag-worthy results.)

For your outlines: Use the hook-line-sinker template.

Hook: Attention-grabbing statement. It raises questions that will be answered.

Line: The meat that delivers on the hook.

Sinker: Message that stays with the reader after they leave.

Follow NPR’s headline-writing advice:

  1. • Specific
  2. • Easy to understand
  3. • Inspire a reaction
  4. • Not overly clever
  5. • Capture the spirit of the story

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