• Build on product messaging that sets new products apart from others in the market to give them a
  • unique selling point
  • Communicate the vision and value of new products to the sales team and develop sales tools that
  • facilitate the selling process
  • Plan and participate in the launch of new services and products which involve several different
  • departments
  • Take part in presentations
  • Obtain insights into customers’ usage of current products, untapped opportunities and buyer
  • personas, through interviews, surveys, focus groups and sales data
  • Review inventory levels and ensure product availability
  • Agree timelines and deadlines for the development of new products with product management,
  • engineering or manufacturing departments
  • Use market research data to establish product pricing
  • Create content such as case studies, videos, website copy and blog posts
  • Speak and present about products to both external and internal audiences
  • Test new goods and products
  • Propose and keep within a budget
  • Research competitor offerings
  • Recruit and develop a team of product marketing executives

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